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Neat Science Thursday – Too Much Information

The market is becoming saturated is a common theme in recently published articles.


Personalized medicine has been a goal for a growing number of biomedical researchers over the last twenty years. Considering the fact that biomedical research literature on personalized medicine has grown from 5-10 articles/year in the 1980’s to over 2500 articles per year since 2013, incredible progress has been made towards this extremely challenging goal. For personalized medicine to happen, at least two elements are necessary: 1. A means of acquiring personalized data is needed, and 2. A means of integrating, analyzing, and applying that data. The explosive improvements in the amount, quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of obtaining personalized data , creates a huge challenge in the integrating, analysis, and application of that exponentially growing body of data available. Thus, the challenge of personalized medicine primarily lies in the integration and analysis of ‘Big Data.’ Yes, there is always room for improvement in data acquisition, but all the growing data is…

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